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Walkable Business District Complements Community at the Center of Cascade Heights

The vibrant and historic Cascade Heights community is poised to enjoy another layer of success with the construction of The Point At Cascade. Located at the center point of the Cascade Heights business district, the development will consist of 11 tenants in two buildings, including existing neighborhood businesses as well as exciting new restaurants and retail options.


The Point At Cascade is designed to blend community assets, inspiration and potential to create a walkable public space that everyone can enjoy. The nearly 17,000 square foot plan includes space for lease in sizes from 300 square feet to over 3,000 square feet.



Shea R. Embry

Neighborhood resident and owner/developer Shea R. Embry says, “We are joining with the community of Cascade Heights to transform this geographic point into a vibrant center of the community where neighborhood folks can enjoy a cup of coffee, converse on an outdoor patio, go to a workout studio, stop in at a wine bar or have a choice of restaurant options.”

Bobby Flournoy

Longtime Beecher Hills resident and owner Bobby Flournoy says,
“Cascade Heights is a diverse area with a wide variety of income levels yet comparatively few businesses.
The Point At Cascade will help change that disparity by offering existing community businesses affordable price points for leasing space. Revitalizing and complementing the community in a positive way is our number one priority.”




The Point At Cascade
2287 Cascade Road SW 
Atlanta, Georgia 30311 

We are located in the business district of the historic Cascade Heights community.